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In response to continued growth, Love By The Slice secured a lease for its very first storefront location in 2019.  During the permitting process, we learned that we would not be able to bake product in our flagship storefront in Hilltop, WA due to recent plumbing code changes in the city of Tacoma. 


I am so excited to share this program with all of you who have a passion for micro-business and capacity building!  I dreamed of a group of people who would make a contribution to Love By The Slice strategically designed to help us build out our first flagship storefront. 

We call you Site Champions! 

Site Champions contribute between $500 - $10,000 that will be reserved solely for the build out of our storefront locations.  Not only will you help us finish this expansion, you will also help us increase capacity, you will help us employ people in opportunity zones and create employment opportunities for homeless young adults.

Benefits include:

A commemorative gold star engraved with your name

Free coffee

Regular updates on the build out

Private Invitations to new product release parties, and more!

Become a Site Champion today and be part of a great community endeavor!

We are your Community

($500 - $999.99)

I'm here for you $1,000 

I believe you'll make it $2,500 

I know you'll make it $5,000 

I have faith in you $7,500 

Let's Go All The Way 


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