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We are excited to share that we have opened our flagship storefront location!  Due to new information obtained during the permitting phase with The City of Tacoma, we have launched a fundraising campaign to raise capital necessary to bring our new space up to code. Your can support our expansion and growth and expansion by subscribing to one of the two campaign

packages we have created.  As always:



The “Site Champion” is a fundraising campaign sponsored by Love by the Slice Baking and Catering Company which enables and to take an active role in the success the company both in the short and long term. This donation of $1,000 - $10,000 will entitle you to special products and a custom engraved star which is displayed onsite at storefront locations. Other additional incentives are available.

The “Cake of the Month Club” is a new service offered by Love by the Slice Baking and Catering Company which offers our corporate customers and supporters a specialized level of service and distribution of our famous Pound Cake on a monthly basis. There are two separate monthly package arrangements that customers can choose from: a 6-month Love Plan or a 12-month Love Plan. 

At Love by the Slice, we understand your level of expectation when it comes to celebrating those you love and support. That's why we meet you with the highest standards and quality from placing your order to delivering the finished product. 

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