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Cassandra is the founding CEO and lead baker at Love by the Slice. For nearly 20 years, Cassandra has created thousands of memorable cakes and treats to commemorate special events and occasions. She's also crafted scrumptious take-home desserts available fresh daily from Love by the Slice. 

Not only is she passionate about baking, but Cassandra believes in the power of fine craftsmanship and hard work as evidenced by her unique designs and vignettes. Her vision  is to empower young people in her community through job creation and opportunities to learn the business from the inside out. By giving people a chance to be creative and thoughtful, Love by the Slice is more than a bakery.


 At Love by the Slice, we understand your level of expectation when it comes to celebrating those you love and support. That's why we meet you with the highest standards and quality from placing your order to delivering the finished product. 


We look forward to the opportunity to meet and hear about the unique details of your special day. We guarantee the flavor, freshness and quality of each creation.